Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars®



The Annual Investment Plan is designed to achieve the objectives described in the Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars® Investment Policy Guidelines.  The purpose of the Annual Plan is to reflect both the intent and the practical application of the concepts set out in the Investment Policy Guidelines.



This Plan is an investment program designed to:

  • Provide the income determined by the Spending Policy outlined below;
  • Preserve Assets of the Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars against inflation;
  • Provide opportunity for appreciation of the Assets of the Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars within the safety guidelines of the Investment Policy.

Accordingly, the asset allocation for the calendar year is:

  • Assets invested in Equities shall be no more than 65% of the total;
  • Assets invested in Fixed Income shall be no less than 35% of the total.


Semi-annual reports are produced for the Endowment Committee and submitted to the Executive Board.



In accordance with the Spending Policy, the amount available for scholarships per calendar year from the Endowment funds is in addition to the annual scholarship drive and fundraising monies, and after the base has been adjusted for inflation, 


Agreed to by:

Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars Executive Board