History of Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars® Endowed Scholarships


Walter A. and Katherine E. Phelon Memorial Fund


The Walter A. and Katherine E. Phelon Memorial Scholarship is one of the Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars® first permanent endowments. The Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars established the endowment in Katherine's name with an initial donation from the family after her death. Katherine, a long time Granville resident, spent many years working as a teacher and principal in town and has been described as "one of the remarkable teachers who shaped a generation of Granville youth." In addition to her commitment to education, Katherine was involved with many civic duties for Granville including writing and directing the outdoor pageant "Our Town" in celebration of Granville's Bicentennial.  

In 2007, after her husband Walter's death, the Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars received an additional contribution from the estate and the scholarship fund was renamed the Walter A. and Katherine E. Phelon Memorial Scholarship. The Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars awards a scholarship in the name of this endowment annually. 

Dorothy Miller Trust

Dorothy Miller, a long-time resident of Granville, donated funds to Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars upon her death in 1981.  A single woman, she chose to contribute to the education of the students of Granville and Tolland through the Foundation, and the funds she provided served as a substantial portion of our original endowment.  Each year, a scholarship is awarded to a student in nursing, farming, or a related area of study in Ms. Miller's name.

1st Lt. Travis Fuller Memorial Scholarship Fund

Travis Fuller was always an adventurous soul. Regardless of where he was, he found adventure and inspired people to do the same. He found his niche in athletics when he joined the Southwick-Tolland Regional High School cross country team his freshman year. His success here led him to join the track and field and wrestling teams. His dedication to physical fitness and academics commanded respect from his peers on the athletic field and in the classroom.

Above all this Travis was a kind, fun loving, loyal person. It was a surprise to many that he decided to attend the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, a military institution. As with everything that Travis set his mind to, he excelled. He attended Officer Candidacy School during the summers, and entered the Marines as a commissioned officer upon graduation. As an officer Travis was able to see the world, training in far and exotic places. Travis was sent to aid in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he led his men through some of the most dangerous battles of the war. 1st Lieutenant Travis J. Fuller along with many of his men were killed in a helicopter crash onJanuary 26th, 2005.


Jane and Stuart Watson Fund

The four children of Jane and Stuart Watson endowed a scholarship fund through the Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars to honor the memory of their parents in 2007.

Stuart Watson was a prominent and tireless business and community leader in the Greater Hartford, Connecticut area for many years.  He and Jane bought a home in Tolland at the Tunxis Club in the 1960's and made Noyes Pond the gathering focus where they welcomed their immediate and extended family and friends over many years. The natural beauty and peace of this area offered the Watson Family a year round home base to celebrate life, recharge spirits, and enjoy visits with family, friends, and all manner of pets.

They worked as a couple to leave behind a legacy which represented more "giving" than "taking".  Throughout their 56 years of marriage, as they moved with career changes from the midwest, to the northeast, and eventually to the southeast, the Watsons worked as parents, and as members of several communities to promote the growth and development of young people by means of formal education, mentoring, and by supporting a broad spectrum of learning opportunities.  Both Jane and Stuart had benefitted from scholarship aid for their own higher education, and gratefully credited their accomplishments in life to help from others, to mentors, hard work, and good luck.  They believed passionately in the value of an undergraduate liberal arts foundation as a means of nurturing maturity and perspective in a young adult toiling in the workplace, as a citizen, a partner, a friend and a parent.   

Stuart Watson died at age 79 in 1996; Jane Watson died in 2014 at the age of 94 years, following many years of life in memory care settings. Their three surviving children, five grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren continue to cherish the home and tradition they created in Tolland. The Watson scholarship is offered annually to any student in the Granville-Tolland community who seeks personal growth through higher education.


Everett O. and Miriam T. Rockwell Scholarship Fund

Everett Rockwell wanted to give back to the town that had given him so much. In 2007, he donated to the Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars endowment to begin the Everett O. and Miriam T. Rockwell Scholarship Fund. Mr. Rockwell is well known for serving as principal of the Granville Village School, from 1965 through 1984.  During his time at the school, he was impressed by the sense of community and the generous support received. 

Mr. Rockwell was an advocate of learning, both in and out of the classroom. Former students speak highly of him and describe the field trips that took them on so many adventures.  One such adventure was the 6th grade camping trip to the Granville State Forest where the students were timed as they walked back to the school in an effort to beat the pace of the previous year. The most remarkable trips had to be the school bus, carrying 25 students and 5 chaperones, camping across the country to California and back in the summer. The first year, a town bus was used, but later, he and his wife, Mim, a registered nurse, purchased a bus of their own so they could continue the trek for years. 

Mr. Rockwell passed away in 2018. He and his wife are remembered fondly by many friends and colleagues in the Granville and Tolland communities.


Elizabeth H. Meiklejohn Memorial Scholarship Fund

In 2010 the Elizabeth H. Meiklejohn Scholarship Fund became the sixth endowment fund of the Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars.  The initial funding for this scholarship was donated by the estate of the late Elizabeth (Holly) Meiklejohn and by family and friends.  She was a long time supporter of the Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars.

Holly embodied the spirit of life-long learning and, by example, instilled that attitude in her children.  Among her many artistic talents, she possessed a passion for horticulture and for interior and landscape design.  Had she been born in a later era she would have pursued her own higher educational aspirations.  Unable to attend college herself, she insured her three children had this opportunity and she found pleasure in personally helping young people from Africa, S. America, Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere pursue their educational dreams.  Just as she strove to leave her homes and land upon which she lived better than she found them, her endowment will continue to offer recipients the opportunity to create a better world by enhancing their own knowledge and education.

Holly Meiklejohn died on April 29, 2010 at the age of 94. The first scholarship awarded in her name wias offered in the 2011-2012 academic year and is open to all applicants.


Robert & Gloria Gery Scholarship Fund

Bob and Gloria Gery of Tolland endowed a scholarship in 2010.Their strong commitment to education and their great experiences with the young people of Tolland and Granville inspired their gift. The Robert and Gloria Gery Scholarship Fund gives priority to students majoring in human services (international development, social work, nursing, etc.) or engineering and sciences. Gloria and Bob have lived in Tolland since 1989 and Bob is on the Board of Directors of the Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars and the Chair of the Endowment Committee. Gloria is a Trustee of the Tolland Public Library.

The Gerys firmly believe that investment in education is money well spent and are pleased to be able to help applicants from Tolland and Granville just as they were helped in their undergraduate and graduate education by those who provided them with scholarship support.

The first scholarship from the Robert and Gloria Gery Scholarship Fund was awarded for the first time during the 2011-2012 academic year.  



The Ladies Aid Society of Tolland Honoring Bertha Fowler Hale


For many years, the Tolland Ladies Aid Society has awarded scholarships to Tolland students in the name of Bertha Fowler Hale, an active member of the organization and resident of Tolland. Financial assistance was given to students pursuing post-secondary education, who have been residents of Tolland for four years or longer.

The Tolland Ladies Aid Society disbanded in October of 2015, and chose to create our newest endowment to continue to support students in Ms. Hale's name. Each year, this award will be given to an eligible student from Tolland. If this requirement cannot be met, the award may be given to an eligible Granville resident.

We are grateful and honored that the Tolland Ladies Aid Society has chosen the Granville-Tolland Dollars for Scholars to continue their good work.